Halo 2 Multi-player Master Tips

Halo 2 Multi-player Master Tips

These are the original Halo 2 master level multi-player tips and tricks from the original GainedtheLead.com website.  Think your brain holds all the secrets to Halo 2 Multi-player?  You may find a trick or two in the Master Tip Section that will help you gain a few more levels.


1 ) Splatter a Ghost: Face the front of a Ghost.  Now move to the right side of the machine where you will find a circular “power source”.  Just a few shots with any weapon will bring the Ghost down when hitting this weak spot.  One shot from a Sniper Rifle will blow the Ghost apart.

2 ) Undermine the Overshield: There may come a need to put someone with the Overshield – six feet under.  In maps such as Beaver Creek or Ascension, and especially in Head to Head games, it may become necessary to rid your adversary of his perpetually equipped Overshield.  Now would be a good time to pick up a Plasma Pistol.  One fully-charged shot will have the same damaging affect on the Overshield as it would have on a regular Energy Shield and allow a quick kill.  To put it simply, one charged shot from the Plasma Pistol renders an Overshield useless.

3 ) Underwear: The following technique is most useful in Energy Sword games or whenever two opponents with Energy Swords are battling.  However, it can be utilized in any situation when you are up against someone wielding the sword.  When approaching someone who has the Energy Sword, wait until right before you think they will lunge at you – and then duck.  Very often the attacking player will lunge right over top of you.  If you are swordless, this will give you a chance to turn around and finish your shooting.  If you also have an Energy Sword, remain ducked as the person lunges at you and then press the right trigger button and lunge at the opponent.  This should increase your success.

Bonus Tip!  To defend against or counter the above technique, simply aim low with your Energy Sword crosshair when you see the opposing player ducking or duck yourself.  This will give your melee attack a low center of gravity.

4 ) Overhead Slash: If you have seen Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, recall the final light-saber battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.  Obi-Wan begs the more powerful Anakin to give up at the conclusion of the fight.  Why?  The future Darth Vader’s chances are hopeless because Obi-Wan has the higher ground.

Although Master Tip #3 discusses ducking as a technique in energy sword battles, attacking from above is just as effective.  When two players with swords lunge at each other, the person who is lunging from a higher point will usually win.  Timing is still important when jumping and lunging so that you attack when you are at a higher point in your jump than your opponent.  Jumping down at someone and attacking with a sword from a higher position on a map is even more effective.  Especially when you add the fact that your incoming leap may not even be seen.

5 ) King Over the Hill: Personally, a King of the Hill variation on Xbox Live is my second favorite game type, directly behind Slayer battles.  The action is fast and furious throughout the entire game.  I hate to give this tip away as it has allowed me to win almost every King of the Hill contest on the Warlock Map.

Not many players seem to know this trick yet, but it is extraordinarily beneficial and easy.  During Crazy King games on the Warlock Map, the Hill will move to the structures on the outside.  The Hill will either move to the bottom of the structure or to the second story or roof.  When the Hill is on the bottom, you can stand on the top and still earn King time!  While everyone else is blowing each other up below, you can squat on the roof and earn an easy 20 or 30 seconds as King.  This will almost guarantee a win.  This is a great way to boost your player rank.

Bonus Tip!  Don’t worry if you are occasionally spotted and fired upon, just fire back and act dumb – as if you have no idea what you’re doing.  The opposing player will probably just hurl a grenade at you as he runs towards a quick death below.

6 ) Hijacker Splattacker: So you flew your Banshee too close to the opponent you were attacking, and suddenly find you are losing your aircraft to a hostile hijacking?  We’ve all found ourselves in the embarrassing situation above at least a few times.  Yet the potential exists to turn this unfortunate event into a medal.  Most likely you have been shooting the person who is boarding your bird and this opponent’s shields are down.  If you are lucky enough to be anywhere near something that you can run into and your enemy’s shields are low enough, quickly ram the Banshee into the nearest object and you will kill the hijacker with a splatter.  This of course must be done during the few seconds between the hijacker boarding the top of your Banshee and actually throwing you out.

Bonus Tip!  This same technique works with the Ghost but your enemy’s shields must be at the lowest level possible.  It is much harder with the Ghost.

7 ) Footsteps from Behind: This master Halo 2 tip may seem a bit expensive, but if you truly want to become someone to fear on Xbox Live…  Surround sound speakers are a notable advantage when playing Halo 2.  You will actually hear explosions, gunfire and even footsteps from the direction that they are taking place.  Imagine the advantage of suddenly being shot and hearing the direction the shot came from.  Imagine hearing the boom of a sniper rifle and knowing the general direction from which the shot was fired.  Imagine your fear as you hear the sudden twang of a energy sword unsheathed directly behind you…

Bonus Tip!  A surround sound speaker system will also enable you to hear the location of a flying Banshee or the direction of an oncoming Warthog or Ghost.

8 ) BXB: You may have heard a few gamers squealing with glee after making a kill on Halo 2 multi-player, while proclaiming that they just “BXB’d” someone.  You sat there wondering…”What the filthy, stinkin’ dirty crap is that?”  Let’s keep it simple.  This trick, or “glitch” as some call it, is as simple as it sounds.  Just push the buttons B, then X, and then B again.  You will quickly punch twice.  Have you ever wondered how someone could possibly have just punched you so fast?  This is how they do it.  If you “BXB” too fast, it will have no affect on your enemies.  Learn the timing and you will be able to rapidly punch your way to much more success in close combat.

Bonus Tip!  This trick is not limited to just two punches.  Swing away at will.  Just remember that if you swing too fast, you miss every time.

9 ) BXR: Similar to the BXB trick, BXR is a Halo 2 glitch that will help greatly in your close combat struggles.  Your gun must be fully loaded for this to work.  Push the buttons B, then X, and then quickly push R (the right trigger button).  There you have it – a punch and then an immediate gun shot.  When this technique is performed with something like a battle rifle shot at the head, it can be very damaging.

Bonus Tip!  BXR works with any gun.

10 ) Pro Combo: You’ve used the Newb Combo.  You hear swears and insults.  If there were only some similar and acceptable technique that took more skill.

Although self-proclaimed Halo professionals would deny it, the grenade and battle rifle combination technique is very similar to using a plasma pistol and a battle rifle.  Instead of shooting an opponent with a powered up plasma pistol, followed by a battle rifle shot to the head; throw a grenade near an opponent and follow it up with the same battle rifle shot to the face.  Granted, accurately throwing a grenade is potentially far more difficult than simply connecting with a “heat-seeking” plasma burst.  But the Pro with his grenade does have advantages over the Newb and his plasma.  The pro combo can be more successful from a distance and more useful in tight spaces.  You don’t have to wait for a plasma pistol to power up and you don’t have to switch your gun after you throw a grenade.

Bonus Tip!  The Pro Combo is a great last resort strategy if your opponent has more energy.  Many near death experiences have resulted in kills.

11 ) Double Shot RRX: Learn this technique and you will be unstoppable.  You can shoot twice as many bullets with the Battle Rifle – and the shots are more powerful.  This button sequence will take some practice, but is well worth the advantage gained.  Grab a battle rifle.  Press R, then R, and then the X in rapid succession.  Keep practicing until you master the timing.  You’ve got it when the battle rifle fires twice.  It’s like making a more fully semi-automatic weapon.

Bonus Tip!  Press RRX then YY and then RRX again.  Master this one and you’ll be shooting multiple double shots.  You can RRX YY RRX YY RRX continually.

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