Halo 2 Multi-player Beginner Tips

Halo 2 Multi-player Beginner Tips

These are the original Halo 2 beginner multi-player tips and tricks from the original GainedtheLead.com website.  Think everyone else must be cheating or have a modified Xbox?  This section is for players new to Xbox Live Halo 2 Multi-player and contains the “must know” basics to compete.


1 ) Hug Your Mates: Teamates must stick together. Even the best solo Spartan or Elite usually cannot defeat two opponents with similar weapons.

2 ) Red Crescent of Death: In smaller maps such as Lockout and Midship, it is a necessity to learn to use the Energy Sword.  There is no better way to accumulate some quick kills.  While using the Energy Sword and approaching your opponent, the white crescent or crosshair will turn red. At this point, press the right trigger button and you will lunge at your enemy and deliver a deadly melee attack. This is a great tool in close combat and is one of the easiest ways to rack up some double and triple kills.

3 ) It Takes Two: While the Sniper Rifle may be very annoying to new Halo 2 players who continually are dropped while wandering about, the weapon can become enjoyable to use with some practice.  Most gamers probably learn very early on that one Sniper Rifle shot to the head will kill an opponent.  While learning to aim and use the Sniper Rifle or Beam Rifle (Covenant equivalent of the Sniper Rifle), remember that it only takes two sniper hits anywhere on the body to kill.  It is nearly impossible for a stationary target to move before being struck twice, while a moving target in the open has little more of a chance.  If your first shot impacts somewhere other than the head, just take another quick shot or two and a second successful hit will bring your target down.  You have four shots to use before you need to reload with the Sniper Rifle but only two quick shots with the Beam Rifle before it overloads.  As your aim improves you can have fun flipping your enemies, head over heals, with one shot to the head and save ammunition at the same time.

4 ) Killer Plasma: Have you ever been stunned as it seemed you were killed by one Battle Rifle shot or just a few plugs from an SMG?  You were probably already hit by the Plasma Pistol.  An excellent way to accumulate some quick kills on Xbox Live Multi-player is to use the Plasma Pistol (the small Covenant gun that shoots green plasma) in combination with another weapon.  Dual-wield the gun with an SMG.  Fully charge the Plasma Pistol and use it’s homing properties to easily hit someone.  Then it will only take a second with the SMG to finish the job as the enemy’s Energy Shield will be almost gone.  I’ve found this tactic works great in a map such as Beaver Creek or in close range combat.

Alternately, in larger maps such as Colossus, shoot with a Plasma Pistol and carry a Battle Rifle as your backup weapon. Quickly switch over to your Battle Rifle after you shoot your Plasma Pistol and one shot will finish things. This variation allows you to zoom in with your scope for long range accuracy.

Bonus Tip!  This technique also works just as well on someone who has the Overshield!

5 ) Close Encounter: After playing a few Halo 2 Multi-player games on Xbox Live, you may be wondering why it seems you fall dead after one shot from a Shotgun.  The Shotgun in Halo 2 performs similarly to a real shotgun.  At medium to long range distances, the weapon is useless.  The ammunition spreads out and loses any possibility of accuracy.  But in close combat, the opposites are true.  The Shotgun will kill with a single pull of the trigger within a certain range and it takes a very poor shooter to miss someone.  You must practice and learn at what exact distance this deadly blow can be administered.  When mastered, the Shotgun is a great counter against someone carrying the Energy Sword.

Bonus Tip!  Remember to reload the Shotgun whenever you have a second to spare. Cartridges are inserted slowly one at a time. It is suicide to run out of Shotgun ammo in the heat of battle.

6 ) Butt Shots: An Assassination Medal in Halo 2 is achieved by giving an opponent a blow to the back of the head.  If you find yourself lucky enough to be directly behind someone, don’t waste your time shooting them in the butt with an SMG.  One melee attack in the back will bring them down.  I can think of no better option in such a situation.

7 ) Screen Looking: A soothing fact about the most important Halo 2 Multi-player skill, is that anyone can master it with practice.  You MUST memorize each Multi-player Map!  No doubt we have all been frustrated by what some call “Screen Lookers” while playing Halo 2 Split-screen.  Even more so than in System Link or Xbox Live, Split-screen players who know the multi-player maps well will dominate.  Not only do they always know exactly where they are, they also are always keenly aware of your precise location!  Achieving the goal of a Split-screen Master requires the ability to watch all two, three or four screens – depending on the number of players.  Similarly, the top levels of Halo 2 on Xbox Live can only be attained by knowing the maps like the back of your…Energy Sword.

An experienced Screen Looker will be able to mentally move around an entire map. Such a person will instantly know their location upon re-spawning. Even small details on symmetrical maps like Midship and Foundation will be used to discover exact location.

Bonus Tip!  The location of every weapon, grenade, vehicle, powerup, flag and base should also be memorized.

8 ) Crouch Jumping: Useful in both multi-player battles and campaign mode, crouch jumping should be practiced and mastered.  I remember the first time I tried to “crouch jump”.  I stood in front of a window in Ivory Tower, crouched, and then jumped to see if I went any higher.  I tried and tried thinking that the timing must need to be exactly right.  In the end I learned that crouch jumping is very simple and easy.  Crouch at the highest point of a jump.  Remember to continue pushing forward on the left joystick.  Pulling your legs in at the top of your leap will allow you to reach places that are normally just out of reach.  Make learning the timing of this special jump a priority early on and you’ll be rewarded with special sniper spots and stealthy shortcuts in no time.

9 ) Scavenger: Guilt has no place in Halo 2.  So go ahead and rack up some cheap kills by finishing people off.  Make no mistake about it – if you want to finish near the top in Rumble Slayer on a regular basis, you must “steal kills from other players”.  There is no need to be a gentleman and wait for a battle to end before you swoop in and finish off a few weakened opponents.  Well-tossed grenades can earn much needed double or triple kills from players battling each other afar off.  This strategy is part of Halo and should be taken advantage of in any game variation.

10 ) Anticipate: There is no other game like Team SWAT in Halo 2 that evens the playing field more.  Learn a few basic techniques and skills and then compete with the best.

Number 1: Set your look sensitivity (the controller option that adjusts how fast you turn) to level 3.  You may even want to start off with level 2.  This will allow greater control of your weapons, so that you can hit someone in the head on the first shot.  Chances are you won’t have time to get many shots off.

Number 2: I assume that anyone reading this realizes that you kill someone in SWAT by shooting them in the head.  You can take many shots anywhere else on your body.  It is more difficult to shoot someone’s head from behind.  When getting shot in the back, as long as there is cover nearby, do not turn around. Take cover, then turn around and come out firing.

Number 3: Anticipate where your enemy’s head will be.  Always aim your gun at the point where the next head may pop into view.

Number 4: When playing with magnums, empty your second magnum half way.  This way you will still have one magnum to shoot with while your second one is reloading.  This will help with some double or triple kills…or more.

11 ) Drop It: As anyone who has played a Capture the Flag or Bomb game on Halo 2 knows, carrying either one slows you down considerably.  The fastest way to get from point A to point B with the Flag is to jump and drop it, or throw it, in the the direction you are going and then pick it up again.  This way you can move at your normal speed across the map as you continually pick up and throw the flag.  This works with the bomb as well, but remember, dropping the bomb gives your location away!

Bonus Tip!  Also practice tossing the flag to your teammates, including out windows!

12 ) Rock It: The Rocket Launcher is a powerful weapon, but only if used properly.  There is one rule when it comes to firing the rocket launcher.  Aim for the ground below the opponent.  It is difficult to hit another player directly with a rocket.  When it comes to firing at a vehicle, by all means, hold the right trigger button down to lock on and then let’er rip.

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